Monday, August 29, 2011

September stuff...

Hi Everybody,
Hope your summer's been as great as ours!
Moon Shine Babies are playing The Square Root this Saturday during the afternoon (3-6:30ish) for the Brevard 150yr. Anniversary celebration. We love playing The Root on the porch!! There's lots of great stuff happening in town all day on Saturday the 3rd. Main Street will be closed off and there will be much festivity down town. We're so glad to be part of the big 'ole Brevard block party! We'll probably play up until the (free!) Edwin McCain show at Brevard College at 7:00pm. Don't forget the Fireworks after his show! Fun!

...Mountainsong Festival is just around the corner (September 9th and 10th) and we're all really looking forward to it!
Jim and Jerry's nephew (and Sarah's cousin) Guthrie is playing the Festival with his band, 18 South on Saturday. If you haven't heard Guthrie Trapp, look him up on utube...if you like amazing guitar virtuoso's, you'll be really glad you did!
Also, Jerry and Suzanne have been asked to play 'tweener'...a short set of a few of our favorite songs...on that Saturday of the Festival...Whoo send us lots of love if your there on Saturday afternoon..!!!!
We'll be back at The Square Root on the 23rd of the month.... :)

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