Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OK...so it's starting to look like a regular Fabulous Friday Event at the Bowling Alley...let's see how January goes...

Moon Shine Babies will be playing at the Bowling Alley in Brevard, this Friday January 13th (whoody whoo!) at @7:00pm-10pm. "Strykes Again", is a most excellent entertainment complex in the teeming Metropolis of Brevard, NC. (at 37 Rosman Highway).

Strykes Again has a full bar, a great beer selection on tap, great prices...($1.50 PBR's in bottles, house wine by the glass $2.50) a groovy retro look, Everett Farms organic beef burgers, pool tables, video games...and of course...bowling! The show is free and bowling is optional... so get your game on!
There's also a Birthday bash happening this week at the Alley and everybody's invited...

We had so much fun last week that we wrote a song about it: "....We're going bowling with the Babies, bowling with the Babies................."

Hope to see everybody out on Friday to repeat a big time!

Thanks for supporting the gregarious good times and heartfelt tunes of Moon Shine Babies,
Jerry, Suzanne, Jim and Sarah

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